There is ample research to show that Aboriginal people experience greater disadvantage than the wider population on almost all of the determinants of health and social and emotional wellbeing including employment, education and housing. 


The Telethon Kids Institute is committed to working in partnership with researchers and Aboriginal communities and organisations to identify and address the social determinants that impact Aboriginal health and wellbeing.  We work to achieve this in a range of ways and with a range of groups:



  • The Kulunga Research Network is working on preventative strategies to improve outcomes for children by bringing together an outstanding team of Aboriginal researchers to work on issues by translating research into policy. It is through the Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey, undertaken at the Telethon Kids Institute that provides a platform for research into Aboriginal Health.


  • The Centre for Research Excellence in Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing is funded through the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant awarded to the Telethon Kids Institute for a Centre for Research Excellence: From Marginalised to Empowered:Transformative methods for Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing and is our flagship research project. The NHMRC will provide $2.5 million funding over five years.


  • Related Projects: the Telethon Kids Institute is involved in a raft of projects and programs that are committed to Aboriginal Health Research. These include the Developmental Pathways Project.

The Telethon Kids Institute is committed to ensuring both the organisation and individual staff are culturally competent in working with Aboriginal people and is committed to Reconciliation. 

A Statement of Commitment was signed in 2007 and is displayed in our building.  To view a copy of the statement click here.

Now Available: Working Together 2nd Edition

Working Together Cover 2nd Ed 2013

Our revised edition is available now.  Download your copy or order a hardcopy here.