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The Working Together book contains 21 chapters and is divided into four parts. 

Part 1 contains four chapters that outline the historical, social, cultural, and policy contexts that have shaped Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing.

Part 2 contains seven chapters on a number of issues that are particularly relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing.

Part 3 contains five chapters that focus on practice within the field.

Part 4 presents examples of models and programs for practitioners working with different groups

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Electronic pdf copy

You can download the complete book as a single pdf or download individual chapters and sections.

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Please note: A correction has been made on page 94 which is reflected in the full pdf above and chapter 7 below.  If you would like to replace this page in the original printed book or pdf, you can download the single page below.

Page 94 corrected page [129K]


Components of the book:


Cover [188KB)

Citation, map, contents, forword, message from the Minister, acknowledgements, contributors, abbreviations, introduction [492KB]

Part 1 introduction - History and contexts [128KB]

Chapter 1 - Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health: An overview [136KB]

Chapter 2 - A history of psychology in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health [152KB]

Chapter 3 - The social, cultural and historical context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians [184KB]

Chapter 4 - The policy context for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health [184KB]

Part 2 introduction - Issues of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Wellbeing [128KB]

Chapter 5 - Mental illness in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples [124KB]

Chapter 6 - Social determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing [368KB]

Chapter 7 - Preventing suicide among Indigenous Australians [644KB]

Chapter 8 - Anxiety and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people [132KB]

Chapter 9 - Substance misuse and mental health among Aboriginal Austalians [164KB]

Chapter 10 - Trauma, transgenerational transfer and effects on community wellbeing [128KB]

Chapter 11 - Indigenous family violence: pathways forward[288KB]

Part 3 introduction - Mental Health Practice [128KB]

Chapter 12 - Working as a culturally competent mental health practitioner [312KB]

Chapter 13 - Communication and engagement: urban diversity [116KB]

Chapter 14 - Issues in mental health assessment with Indigenous Australians [184KB]

Chapter 15 - Reviewing psychiatric assessment in remote Aboriginal communities [132KB]

Chapter 16 - Promoting perinatal mental health wellness in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities [588KB]

Part 4 introduction - Working with specific groups: models, programs and services [128KB]

Chapter 17 - Ngarlu: a cultural and spiritual strengthening model [268KB]

Chapter 18 - Principled engagement: Gelganyem Youth and Community Well Being Program [136KB]

Chapter 19 - Dealing with loss, grief and trauma: seven phases to healing [160KB]

Chapter 20 - The Marumali Program: Aboriginal model of healing [112KB]

Chapter 21 - Mental health programs and services [112KB]

Index [72KB]

Back cover [188KB]


Feedback and evaluation

We will be using an online process to obtain feedback on the readability and effectiveness of the book across disciplines, year levels and sectors.  The Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Health and Ageing is intending to maintain the book, Working Together as a living document to be updated every two years or so based on contributions and feedback from course lectures and students and practitioners.  Your assistance in this will be greatly appreciated.  Please email us with your contact details so we can include you in the feedback process -


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