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We want every child to have the very best opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.  

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our team of almost 600 dedicated researchers and support staff are passionate about discovering causes, cures and treatments for the illnesses and diseases that target our kids and young people.  

With top scientific minds and facilities, a reputation for being at the forefront of global child health research and a track record to prove it, Telethon Kids is world-class.

Yet we know that our work is even stronger when we work together. We are committed to collaboration.

We create and facilitate connections with researchers, clinicians and practitioners, service providers, our partners and the community, to maximise the potential in what we do and deliver tangible benefits to kids and families.

Research making a difference

Our researchers are responsible for contributing to game-changing discoveries that make a difference to children and their families.

Below is a small sample of what we're working on now.

Is it possible to reduce the disabilities associated with autism through early diagnosis and by putting the child's brain 'back on track' when the brain is at its most elastic?

We are confident it is.

Is it possible to take the same mechanisms that bacteria and viruses use to invade healthy cells and instead use them to unlock cancer cells to deliver smart drugs that kill the cancer, with fewer toxic side effects and better results?

We're doing it.

Is it possible to help with the early childhood development of all children, particularly vulnerable children, so that they can thrive by the time they're ready for school entry?

We've put together a sector-wide collaboration to maximise every child's opportunities.

Is it possible to develop a new vaccine that prevents allergic immune responses from damaging the normal growth and development of the airways thus averting the development of asthma?

Yes, we suspect so.

Is it possible to develop a new treatment for the inner ear infection known as glue ear, one that can actually dissolve the glue, reducing the need for repeated antibiotics and surgery?

Yes, and we're doing trials right now.

Is it possible to protect children from the harmful effects of online bullying through the development and other "cyber savvy" interventions that we are co-developing with a group of 70 teenagers?

We are showing that it is.

Is it possible to reduce structural lung damage in babies with cystic fibrosis by 50 per cent which would add 20 years to their current life expectancy at birth?


Is it possible to reduce the burden of diabetes management so that all 1,600 children in WA with Type 1 diabetes can have a normal life and have the best chance of the achieving their goals?


Is it possible to make fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) history in the remote regions of WA by working with communities to reduce alcohol consumption in pregnancy.

We're showing that it is.

Is it possible to develop practical interventions and health strategies to prevent sudden infant death (SIDS)?

We're working on it.

Is it possible to fundamentally change the way that mental health services are designed and delivered to Aboriginal families across the Westeran Australia and the nation?

We're working on it.

Is it possible to have a clear and comprehensive strategy to eliminate Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) from Australia, and have a better understanding of the genetic and bacterial factors which cause RHD?

Yes, and this study is well underway.

And, there are at least 200 additional research questions we're trying to solve!

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